Premium Fresh and Processed Apricots

Our peak season starts beginning December and due to our moderate climate extends till end of January middle of February.  We have 7 different varieties of apricots, each with their unique tasty flavor, some sugar sweet and others sweet with a tangy end.

Our apricots are not only absolutely beautiful when eaten fresh, but they are just as delicious to cook jams, dry and use in a variety of dishes.

We are sure you will enjoy our new products just as much.  This is available now and already stocked but various local businesses.  With our frozen apricot halves you will be able to cook a variety of meals or just enjoy it in a smoothies year round, with all the goodness of the fresh apricots and no preservatives. 


Our snack pack chip dried apricots, apricot/strawberry mix and apricot/peach mix will give you the option of a healthy snack but also give you all the health benefits apricots are known for at the same time.

Please follow our Facebook page or Webpage for more information about events we will attend and where you will be able to come and taste our new product.

We love to share feedback and we thank Lime 303 and Solomon Merchants for the continued support they are giving us, from using our fresh to having a go at our new frozen product and dried product.

Thank you.

We would love to introduce you to our new products

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